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April is a busy month in the garden. Weather permitting, you can start to sow the following outside: carrots, parsnips, leeks, beetroot, lettuce, summer cabbage and cauliflower.


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Jobs in the garden for APRIL…..


  1. Sow main crop seed potatoes. For best results ‘chit’ (encourage to sprout) potatoes prior to planting. Stand the potatoes in egg trays blunt end uppermost. Potatoes are ready to plant when shoots are half to one inch long.
  2. Once the temperature in the ground is above 7 degrees you can plant some vegetables straight in. Here is a list of some safe ones to plant:

Leeks, carrots calabrese, cauliflower, peas, cabbage and kale. Be careful of a late frost, have some frost protection fleece on stand by and listen to the weather forecast.

  1. April is a great month to apply slow release fertilizer such as Growmore or organic Chicken Manure pellets to borders and hedges to feed plants over the growing season.
  2. Apply a mulch. This helps retain moisture and keeps the need to weed to a minimum. Mulching also adds organic matter which encourages worms and improves soil structure.
  3. Dead head and apply liquid feed to bulbs such as daffodils to encourage next year’s flowers.
  4. Now is the ideal time to lay turf. The warmer weather and moist soil are ideal for good root growth, ensuring turf becomes established quickly.
  5. Time to look after the lawn;

If it contains moss follow these simple instructions –  Apply a dressing of Osmo Lime Pellets 7-10 days before applying Osmo Moss Remover. If possible, cut your lawn a couple of days before applying Osmo Moss Remover – this will make it easier to apply evenly to the 200sq yard area. Osmo Moss Remover firstly kills the roots of the lawn moss. The moss goes yellow and dies within a 3 week period (depending on weather). The fertiliser will green your lawn within two weeks of application and feed the lawn for up to three months.

It’s time to start growing

You will also need to protect seedlings from pests such as slugs with a suitable product, e.g. slug pellets.

Prune and feed your roses; this will help them grow stronger and produce larger, more plentiful blooms in summer.

In April potatoes can be planted into deep drills.

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