Jobs For September

Jobs For September In The Garden:

  1. SOW LAWN SEED: September is an ideal month for sowing lawn seed. The temperatures are still high and there is enough moisture for the seeds to germinate. Prepare the soil, sow the seed and roll it in.
  2. COLLECT SEEDS: It is best to harvest and store your own seeds in the middle of a sunny day, when moisture levels are at their lowest. Only harvest ripe seeds that look hard and brown. Store them in paper bags or envelopes; label these with the name of the plant and the harvest date, then snip the seed head off and place the whole thing into the envelope. When you are ready to sort, working envelope by envelope, tip the contents onto a tray and gently remove any chaff. Tip the seeds back into the envelope, seal and store in a dry container.
  3. DIVIDE PERENNIAL PLANTS: Dividing these plants will help to re-energise them, encouraging them to reboot, to grow back next year with more vigour and true to form once more. If any or all of the plants look as though nothing will restore them to their former glory – although one hopes the latter will not be the case – then be ruthless and take them out altogether and replace them with something else.
  4. PRUNE BOUNDRY HEDGING: Now is a great time to cut back evergreen and deciduous hedges. The birds will have flown the nest so its safe to do so. Make sure all your tools are clean and have no diseases from previous use. This stops the spreading of any diseases.
  5. HARVEST EARLY APPLES: This early in the season, eat them now and enjoy their rich, fresh flavour; a homegrown apple should be in every coat pocket, picnic hamper or lunchbox this month.
  6. PLANT BULBS: Now is the time to plant Spring flowering bulbs. They can be planted in the ground or dwarf varieties are ideal for pots. See our bulbs section for all information.
  7. PLAN FOR NEXT YEAR: Now is the time to take stock and look to see what could be improved on next year and take notes of any gaps that may need filling, photographs are great for this as they give a long lasting memory of summer borders.
  8. BEES IN THE GARDEN: As you are walking around have a look and see if you have any bee loving plants in your garden. It is so important for every garden to do their own little bit to help our Irish bees. Have a look at our bee page on our website for some tips on how you can help.
  9. KEEP WATERING: Continue to water any new hedging, trees or shrubs planted since Spring, they will need you to water them until the end of Autumn this year.
  10. BEDDING PLANTS: Summer bedding plants can start to go off now with the wet August we have had. Autumn plants are in stock and can be planted outside now.