Jobs For March

Jobs For March In The Garden:

  1. Did you know …… March and September are the best months to sow lawn seed. Once the soil temperature is high enough (approx. 7 degrees Celsius) with evenings getting longer and the weather hopefully getting milder, then you get ideal sowing and germination conditions. Once you have nice level soil the seed will germinate in about 10 days, weather depending!
  2. If you have an existing lawn, and you want to treat for moss or weeds then once the grass is growing you can commence treatment. Drop us an email if you have any questions on how to treat your lawn, include a description of your lawn and what you would like to treat ie. Weeds, moss or fertilise. Email address =
  3. Sow hardy annual seeds now for Summer colour.
  4. You can start an early spring clean and get ready for the next growing season by cleaning pots in the greenhouse and by giving the whole greenhouse and tunnel a clean down, in preparation for sowing seeds.
  5. Move and transplant evergreen shrubs now before they start to grow again for this season. Its important to keep the transplanted plants well watered and fed for the first growing season.
  6. First & second early seed potatoes can be sown in March. It is a good idea to chit your seeds before sowing. Chit your seed potatoes by placing them in an egg carton with the eye facing upwards towards the light (the eye is the little black growth on the seed). Getting a bit of growth on the eye before sowing helps to get the seed growing quickly.
  7. Now is a great time to plan your vegetable garden for the next season. Don’t forget crop rotation is very important for a successful gardening year.
  8. You can start to sow vegetable seeds now under cloches outside. Be very careful if we get frost or snow, keep them well covered under the cloche with some frost protection fleece.
  9. Now is the time to plant strawberry and rhubarb plants outside, they will be available by mid March. Keep the rhubarb stools in the dark to force on new stems, by simply placing a bucket over the stool.
  10. You can pick out what flower seeds you would like to sow this Spring, all seeds are now in stock.
  11. Bare root hedging is still in stock and now is planting time. Plant now and the plants will be settled before the next growing season starts.
  12. Cut off dead flowers from all wall shrubs, this will give better flowering for next year.
  13. Brush off any snow from the tops of hedges and shrubs. The weight can break branches.
  14. Don’t forget to always feed the birds. If they are used to coming to your feeders, when we get bad weather and they have no where else to find food, this will be their food source. If you love finches, then make sure you have nyjer seed in your feeders, they love it!
  15. Green algae and moss growing on your tarmac or garden furniture can be treated now. Spray using algon organic spray and leave for a few days. The green will then disappear, once not too bad or might need some extra help if it is bad.
  16. You can prune evergreen hedges now and tidy them up before Spring.
  17. Cut back deciduous grasses and remove any dead leaves from evergreen grasses.
  18. Remove any dead foliage left from last years perennial plants. You should see some new growth for this year just peeping through on some varieties.
  19. You can divide large clumps of deciduous perennial plants now and make new vigorous plants for free.
  20. Now is a great time to add supports to your tall perennial plants. Adding supports later can be hard to do and could result in breaking of stems.