Jobs For January

Jobs For January In The Garden:

  1. Recycle your old Christmas tree by shredding it for mulch and spread it under your trees or shrubs. As it decomposes it will add nutrients to the plants and mulching will help keep weeds away.
  2. You can start an early spring clean and get ready for the next growing season by cleaning pots in the greenhouse and by giving the whole greenhouse and tunnel a clean down, in preparation for sowing seeds.
  3. First, early seed potatoes can be sown in January. It is a good idea to chit your seeds before sowing. Chit your seed potatoes by placing them in an egg carton with the eye facing upwards towards the light (the eye is the little black growth on the seed). Getting a bit of growth on the eye before sowing helps to get the seed growing quickly.
  4. Now is a great time to plan your vegetable garden for the next season. Don’t forget crop rotation is very important for a successful gardening year.
  5. You can pick out what flower seeds you would like to sow this Spring, all seeds come into stock mid January.
  6. Bare root hedging is still in stock and now is planting time. Plant now and the plants will be settled before the next growing season starts.
  7. Bring in all garden furniture and tie down all other garden equipment in case of bad weather.
  8. Cut off dead flowers from all wall shrubs, this will give better flowering for next year.
  9. Finish picking all apples and pears and store them away.
  10. Brush off any snow from the tops of hedges and shrubs. The weight can break branches.
  11. Don’t forget to always feed the birds. If they are used to coming to your feeders, when we get bad weather and they have nowhere else to find food, this will be their food source. If you love finches, then make sure you have nyjer seed in your feeders, they love it!
  12. Green algae and moss growing on your tarmac or garden furniture can be treated now. Spray using algon organic spray and leave for a few days. The green will then disappear, once not too bad or might need some extra help if it is bad.