Jobs For August

Jobs For August In The Garden:

  1. Continue to dead head all your potted bedding plants and hanging baskets. This will encourage more buds to open and to make them last longer. Don’t forget to keep feeding with tomato food once per week and water well.
  2. Also continue to dead head your roses, this way they will flower again for you. Use a good rose food as roses are very hungry plants and they need plenty of food to produce new blooms.
  3. Now is a great time to cut back evergreen and deciduous hedges. The birds will have flown the nest so its safe to do so. Make sure all your tools are clean and have no diseases from previous use. This stops the spreading of any diseases.
  4. Keep an eye out on your vegetable patch for any blight. Potatoes and tomatoes are susceptible to blight and this is the time for it to appear. If you do notice it you can buy a fungicide spray from us for blight.
  5. Now is the time to take stock and look to see what could be improved on next year and take notes of any gaps that may need filling, photographs are great for this as they give a long lasting memory of summer borders.
  6. Prune back any shrubs that have already flowered, this will give you better blooms next year.
  7. Super time now for planting everlasting perennial plants. Herbaceous perennials add great colour to the garden every year.
  8. Spring flowering bulbs will be coming into the garden centre from the end of this month, so have a walk around and see where you want to add some colour in Spring.
  9. As you are walking around have a look and see if you have any bee loving plants in your garden. It is so important for every garden to do their own little bit to help our Irish bees. Have a look at our bee page on our website for some tips on how you can help.
  10. Continue to water any new hedging, trees or shrubs planted since Spring, they will need you to water them until the end of Autumn this year.