Eleocharis acicularis – Dwarf Hair Grass (Oxygenator)


deal for planting in ponds, Eleocharis acicularis is a useful oxygenating aquatic that will happily spread to form a tufted carpet of evergreen grassy foliage. Needle-like stems topped with spiky brown blooms are sent up from August to September, giving rise to its common name of Needle Spike Rush. This hardy native perennial is particularly versatile, growing anywhere from boggy soil to submerged in up to 60cm (24″) of water.

Position: Full sun to part shade
Planting depth: Damp soil to 60cm (24″) below water level.
Growth rate: Slow
Flowering Period: August & September
Hardiness: Hardy
Size: Height: 40cm (16″). Spread: 100cm (39″)

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