Nippon Pest Smoke



An effective smoke generator, Nippon Pest Smoke kills bedbugs, fleas, ants, weevils and flying insects.

Odourless and easy to use, each pack contains two smoke generators.

Nippon Pest Smoke:

  • Treats the infested area within two hours
  • Used indoors, but should not be used in animal houses
  • Contains permethrin

For best results fumigate in the late afternoon and leave the house or building closed overnight. The area to be fumigated needs to be made as smoke tight as possible to ensure the smoke remains within the room.

Canisters should be placed as low as possible as smoke rises. To use, simply remove the lid and place the can on a heat resistant surface. Light the fuse and leave the treated area.

For severe infestations, fumigate three times at five to seven day intervals.

Nippon Smoke bombs are an insecticide and instructions must be followed carefully. Keep away from children and animals. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources.

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