Pea ‘Purple Magnolia’ (Sugarsnap)


The first purple-podded sugar snap pea

Sweet flavour and crisp texture enjoy raw or steamed


Over 15 years of work by Oregon USA based plant breeder, Dr. Alan Kapuler, has resulted in Pea ‘Purple Magnolia’ – the first purple-podded sugar snap pea. Pick them before they grow large to enjoy them at their best, they peas also very tasty when immature. These crunchy pods have a good, sweet flavour and make a colourful and tasty raw addition to a salad, for snacking or steamed and served as a side. Easy to grow on trellis or other growing supports, the strong hyper-tendrils cling well and support the long, climbing stems. Height: 1.8cm (70”). Spread: 25cm (10”).

st growing climber with strong supportive tendrils


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