Potentilla Palustris – Marsh cinquefoil


Potentilla palustris, also known as marsh cinquefoil or bog strawberry, is a British native found growing naturally alongside ponds, streams and ditches. It has strawberry-like leaves and wine-red, star-shaped flowers in early summer, which are very attractive to butterflies, bees and hoverflies.

As its common names suggest, Potentilla palustris likes wet conditions – plant in a bog garden or at the edge of a pond. It will gradually spread, shading the water.

Plant Potentilla palustris near the edge of a pond in an aquatic basket containing aquatic compost, with around 10cm of water over the top of it. Alternatively, plant in a bog garden or in a pond in a pot.

  • Marginal plant
  • 15cm ht x 30cm sp
  • Hardy

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