Red Onion Sets


Red Onion Sets – Description

  • Red Onion Sets
  • Variety: Red Karmen
  • Volume: 500 grams (Approx. 130 – 150 Sets)
  • Colour: Red Skinned & Flesh
  • Bulb Size: 14/21mm
  • Produces Medium Sized, Globe Shaped Bulbs
  • Stores Well
  • Hardy Onion

Red Onion Sets – Sowing Instructions

  • Sow in mid March or earlier under cover
  • Location: Full sun, well drained soil
  • Prepare by adding manure the previous Autumn
  • Space distance: Rows 30cm apart with sets spaced 20cm apart in the rows
  • Planting Depth: Place sets, pointed end up, just at soil surface
  • Lift once foliage turns yellow; water crop & lift slightly with garden fork
  • Harvest crop 2 weeks later in sunny weather

Red Onion Sets – Uses

  • Suitable for fresh market
  • Bunching or normal large onions
  • Perfect for cooking

Red Onion Sets – Advantages

  • No thinning required
  • Less likely to bolt than if grown from seed
  • Low cost

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