We have a wide variety of lights to choose from. Most are L.E.D. lights and will last for years. Our outdoor connectible lighting has proved very popular in the past few years, you can connect up to 200m of lights using just one plug.

Our indoor L.E.D. lights are available in different colours, warm white, white and multi-colour. Our battery powered lights have a timer attached so you don’t need to worry about turning them on and off, they turn on for 8 hours and off for 16 hours, this is so handy!!!

If you are looking for something different to brighten up your windows for Christmas then have a look through our range of novelty light and I bet you will find something just right.

To choose a hassle-free installation for your Christmas tree then choose our great quality lights that make your Christmas sparkle.

christmas lights at beechmount garden centre
ropelight at beechmount garden centre
metal copper ball set LED at beechmount garden centre

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