Bug Clear Ultra Gun


The spray kills on contact and also gets inside the plant�s sap stream to kill greenfly, blackfly, whitefly, mealy bugs and scale insects � even those hiding away under leaves. Some plants are subject to pest attack every year. Roses always seem to get greenfly, nasturtiums blackfly and fuchsias whitefly. More worryingly rhododendrons and other shrubs are attacked by scale insects and mealybugs that have an outer covering that protects them from ordinary contact sprays. But you can kill all these sap-sucking pests with one simple spray of BugClear Ultra. The active ingredient works in two ways. Firstly it�s a contact pest killer that quickly eliminates the greenfly and blackfly that are sprayed. Secondly it also works systemically � going into the plant�s leaves and moving in the sap stream to protect the whole plant for weeks to come. This means BugClear Ultra kills the pests that are hiding away from the spray or those such as scale insects and mealybugs that have a protective covering. The pests absorb the insecticide through their mouth parts and soon die. One simple spray on plants effectively kills most common pests � just spray the plant thoroughly and BugClear Ultra makes it clean from the inside out. Outdoors, BugClear Ultra can be used from April to September � but indoors on houseplants it can be used all year round. Edible crops BugClear Ultra now has approval for use on: tomato; aubergine; pepper; potato; apple; cherry; pear; plum; lettuce. Each 200ml bottle of concentrate will make up to 20 litres of spray when diluted in water in your own pressure sprayer. Always read the label and product information before use.

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