Green Beech Bareroot Hedging 90-120cm


€5.00 per plant

Fagus sylvatica

Can grow up to 15m tall if not pruned

Deciduous hedge, brown leaves will remain on the hedge until the new leaves emerge in Spring unless in a open/windy area then the leaves will fall off.

Allow 1-1.5 weeks for your order to be ready. We will email you when your order is ready.

Plant Laurel hedging 18in apart (2 per m)

Plant Beech hedging 18in apart (2 per m)

Plant Buxus hedging 10in apart (4 per m)

Plant Thornquix hedging 8in apart (5 per m)

Water hedging in well after planting and feed with chicken manure pellets when planting. When planting Buxus hedging use a buxus fertiliser. If soil is stony and poor you can add Westlands Jacks Magic Compost around the roots.

Compost can only be delivered locally and not nationally.

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