Shallot Golden Gourmet


10 per pack

Planting & Growing Instructions

Planting onions from sets is by far an easier process than planting them from seeds. We supply all our onions as sets (baby onions) so as to make growing them a pain free process for all our customers. They should be planted in fertile/good quality soil that is well drained (this is important). Plant onions approx 4 inches apart or 6 inches for shallots, with the ip of the onion sets slightly above soil level. They should be planted in a row in March/April.

Cultural Instructions

They will start to sprout very quickly once planted, often as quickly as two to three weeks. Make sure that your local garden birds do not damage the rows and it is also a good idea to keep weed free once planted. Once they have finished sprouting the leaves will turn yellow, so lift them at this time and store in a cool dry place until they need to be planted again (they usually keep for up to 8 months).

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