Grazers Lily Beetle Spray




Keep Lily Beetle at bay with this Wildlife-friendly, Eco-friendly, Child and Pet-friendly, all-natural lily Beetle prevention solution ‘Grazers’. Grazers will also strengthen and stimulate the plant growth.

Scarlet Lily Beetle (LILIOCERIS LILII)

This scarlet coloured pest can feed on lily and fritillaria foliage in spring to early summer. Bulbs can become under-sized and flowering the following year can be jeopardised. These pests can be seen in their various stages of growth and are all equally dangerous. Reddish brown eggs lead onto grubs and then finally to bright red beetles with black head and legs.

How to use:
Spray every 7-10 days upon first sighting (from March onwards).
Grazers G4 solution is: 
  • Pet friendly
  • Child friendly
  • Eco friendly
  • Wildlife friendly

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