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Tomatoes and potatoes from a single plant!!

  • A must have for your vegetable garden!
  • Juvenile plant, replant for continued growth
  • Delicious tomatoes and potatoes
  • Pot size: 13 cm

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What is Potatom?

Potatom is a rather unique tomato and potato plant full of surprises – a must-have for the vegetable garden or terrace. This very special plant produces both tomatoes and potatoes! Potatom requires more attention than other fruiting vegetables. Potatom comes as a juvenile plant, so no fruit will have yielded when you receive it. You need to take good care of Potatom before you can enjoy its delicious tomatoes and potatoes! A pleasant and delicious challenge!

Tips for cultivating your tomato and potato plant

Here are some tips to get the most out of your Potatom plant. After receiving your Potatom, move the plant to a large pot or, better yet, plant it in the ground. This can be either in the vegetable garden or in the greenhouse. Support the plant using a stick or, for extra sturdiness, tie to the wire. Feed regularly with tomato food. Remove side shoots from the tomato plant and potato shoots above the earth. If keeping your Potatom in a greenhouse, regularly tap the branch or flower trusses to stimulate pollination. You will then be able to harvest the tomatoes after eight to ten weeks.

Harvesting tomatoes and digging up potatoes

Potatom produces around 80 to 100 cherry tomatoes. These cherry tomatoes are healthy, delicious, and crunchy. At the end of the season when all tomatoes have been plucked, cut off the stem and leave the crop for a few weeks. The potatoes will then ripen in the ground. You can dig them up after ten to fourteen days. Turn over the ground gently to receive the ultimate reward. You should be able to unearth 2 to 3 kg of potatoes! The potatoes are small to medium yellow potatoes, firm-boiling and taste delicious. Enjoy!