Tomato ‘Bite Size’


uper-sweet cherry tomatoes

Vigorous variety producing up to 6kg of fruit per plant

Cordon variety perfect for the greenhouse or patio



Awarded an RHS AGM for its excellent garden performance, Tomato ‘Bite Size’ is super-sweet and delicious! In fact, it has a higher sugar to acidity ratio than most other cherry varieties. The small cherry tomatoes, each weighing 8-12g, are borne in long trusses. This vigorous variety will produce up to 6kg of fruit with regular side-shooting, giving you more than enough tasty tomatoes for your family’s salads, snacks and lunch boxes.

This cordon variety is perfect for containers or planters in the greenhouse or on the patio, but can also be planted in a sunny spot in the garden. Height: 200cm (79″). Spread: 50cm (20″).

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