Apple Katya


One of the best early to mid-season apple varieties, Apple Katy, aka Katya produces medium-sized, red over yellow-green, with cream-coloured, fairly crisp apples with exceptionally juicy flesh. Good, slightly sharp flavour and very firm skin – good for packed lunches and liked by children. The tree is shapely, even with limited pruning, and fairly vigorous. Very reliable, heavy cropper. Spur-bearer; produces spurs readily, even without pruning. The blossom is particularly attractive and long-lasting, making it an excellent pollinator, and is tolerant of late frosts, so good for colder areas. Keeps only for a week or so; use any you can’t eat for juicing or cooking. Resistant to most diseases, particularly canker, and produces well even in poor weather. Does best on rich soil. A very easy and reliable apple, ideal for inexperienced growers, and a most attractive specimen tree for gardens.

Site: Average exposure
Soil: Any reasonably well-drained soil; rich clay preferred
Position: Full sun
Pick: Early September
Keep: only for a couple of weeks
Hardiness: Hardy
Pollination: Group 3 (pollinates with Groups 2, 3 and 4)
Uses: Eating apple; also for juice and cooking

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